I have finally decided…

Hey there!

So… I know I’ve been away from blogging, Period.

I’ve been feeling all this stress out of nowhere and I was indecisive of what would I actually write next. Where would I start with? What is next? Onwards and so forth…

Of course, I don’t want my readers to get all bored reading my posts about me pouring my heart with pain or happiness. Complaining here, complaining there. Plus you’d get all confused about what is my actual purpose of blogging. So here it is…

I’ve decided that this WordPress of mine will be a Digital Scrapbook.

My page, filled with pictures, videos, things that I’d like to share or recommend, tips, life… Just simply ANYTHING. 

Eventually, my page won’t just be a page. It will be a site with pages. 😀 heh.

If you’re wondering what will happen to my youtube, oh it’ll stay there alright. From time to time I don’t mind sharing it here too. Maybe my readers aren’t aware of my youtube as well 🙂

I hope you enjoy my journey. It will be bumpy, but one thing’s for sure… It won’t end just yet 😉

With lots of love,



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