Just four more days… four more!

Hello, readers!

I hope you all had a good start this week! As for me, I’m starting to feel the stress. UGH

In fact, I shouldn’t feel stressed at all! I should be excited, giddy for my trip to Manila this Saturday. Sad to say, work is biting my buttocks too hard.

I’m a woman, I like to be organized. However, my work is taking all my time for now and I have to help my mom out. The usual here and there.

I haven’t planned my outfits. I haven’t properly fixed my cosmetic bag. I haven’t fixed my chargers. I need to collect my new passport on Thursday. I have to pick up Awfully Chocolate cakes on Saturday. I need to run from work to my sister in order to collect my luggage and run to the airport to catch my flight. OH MY GOODNESS this is crazy.


I need to breathe. I need to workout. ugh I’m all over the place!

Excuse my writing. It’s going to take some time to get back to writing beautifully again. haha!

And now, I shall go again. I need to prep for a busy day tomorrow. Oh, I need to get my nails done too. Oh dear.

I’ll get back to you again when all the stress is over! ‘Til next time!

With lots of love,



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